elizabeth • rovit


In the heart of the urban jungle, amidst the concrete and chaos, lies a hidden world teeming with life and decay — welcome to "Fungi." This daily photo diary embarks on a journey through unknown and intimate spaces, capturing moments of rawness, vulnerability, and isolation amidst the hustle and bustle.

This series explores the delicate balance between growth and decay and was born from the depths of personal introspection and a desire to confront the raw, unfiltered realities of everyday life.

From close-ups that defy conventional beautification and reveal the fragility of life, to distorted perspectives challenging perceptions of reality, each image is a reflection on the transient nature of existence and the eternal dance between life and death. The surroundings become a blank page upon which the complexities of intimate emotions are captured. Shadows dance across the concrete landscape, whispering secrets of the night, while solitude turns figures into navigators of the streets, engulfed in their own thoughts and memories.

Yet, amidst the decay and loneliness, there is a quiet beauty that emerges — a reminder of the resilience of existence and the potential for growth even in the most challenging circumstances, much like "Fungi" do.

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