elizabeth • rovit

" Multiverse. The theory of the existence of multiple universes and parallel realities. "

The Multiverse theory refers to the existence of parallel realities and multiple universes, including the world we live in. Is it possible for two entirely different worlds to interact and to mutually influence each other? What does really exist? And why? 

While seeking answers about my own existence I realized that I could find a connection to multiple and disparate things. I started gathering details and glimpses of my surroundings in order to look at reality from an alternative perspective. 

Every image is the embodiment of a personal existential quest that explores the limits between imagination and reality, between the familiar the unknown and, ultimately, between life and death. Each quest managed to reveal buried memories, fears and obsessions that I needed to confront with, turning uncharted into familiar territory. 

The viewer is invited to actively look for the similarities between humans and animals, natural and artificial environments, and to realize that even when they are not related, they co-exist and affect one another. The human body becomes a part of nature, animals conduct themselves like denatured human forms and the pieces of my everyday surroundings create a path beyond my unsolved quests.

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