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Spoken Walls/Exhibition

Spoken Walls - 11/05/2017 at Void 

Super Terrain is a French graphic designer collective working across a variety of fields, such as the cultural, artistic, institutional, associative and educative. Through graphic works, workshops, public spaces’ interventions or commissioned works, Super Terrain explores several questions linked to editorial forms and printed matter.
more info -> http://www.superterrain.fr/

During 2017 the collective has been travelling through Europe with a van, alongside a Riso duplicator and some printing materials. This is how they keep being self-supported for production of zines, books and posters while on the road. Its main goal is to meet and interview independent structures and experiment different production contexts on each destination.

Next stop –> Athens/Void

“During our wanderings in Athens, we collected words, messages and slogans found on the walls. For us, those quotes are tangible marks of the recent history of different popular struggles, of the citizens’ initiatives as well as the expression of desires. Those poetic, critic or politic lines create new dialogues on the walls of Athens. We took the Documenta14 theme -Learning from Athens-, which is displayed everywhere in the city, as an injunction. During our residency at Void, we tried to re-form some fragments of this multilingual - polyphonic conversation. 
We would like to propose a snapshot of signs as part of the contemporary Athenian landscape. This interpretation could also be seen as a testimony of the expression of the Greek libertarian tradition. 
In the same time as a counterpoint, the Void team selected 20 photographers, who live in Athens, to create a camera-eye reverse-shot on this artistic study. Each cue of this dialogue refers to one of the twenty pictures creating a second photographic panorama.

Super Terrain.”

Participating Photographers:
Antonis Theodoridis
Athanasios Gatos
Cathy Ki
Costas Kazantzis
Danae Panagiotidi
Eftychia Vlachou
Elisabeth Rovit
Georges Salameh
Guram Chachanidze
Harry Masouras
Jovana Hasimi
Julius-Christian Schreiner
Mari Masouridou
Marilia Keramida
Myrto Tzima
Nikos Menoudarakos
Pinelopi Gerasimou
Popi Sevastou
Stéphane Charpentier
Yannis Zindrilis

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